Il Cascinone: 2018 harvest extra virgin olive oil

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The good taste

Il Cascinone: 2018 harvest extra virgin olive oil

“Il Cascinone” proposes the extra virgin olive oil 2018 harvest.

Tuscia extra virgin olive oil

Has arrived the gold of the Mediterranean diet “Il Cascinone“, which comes from the province of Viterbo close to the volcanic centres full of nutrients and highly permeable minerals. The new oil has just come out on our tables and shows its bright green colour with golden reflections. The cultivar is predominantly the “Caninese”, the “Leccinese” with the good-natured aftertaste, and the “Frantoio“. Olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed to maintain the organoleptic substances, so giving a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Rich in polyphenols, with very low acidity, it is a typical, precious, genuine, natural, controlled, and healthy product. Its fruity taste is suitable for vegetables and cooking in general, it does not degrade even at high temperatures.


The production

The production is located in the Southern Etruria, between the archaeological site of Vulci, where the Etruscan power prospered in the Mediterranean area, and the lake Bracciano. These areas preserve enchanting medieval villages and hundreds of hectares of olive and vine-growing campaigns. Ancient depictions demonstrates that the Etruscans already used olive oil for food and beverage, and instruments such as mortars in this territory expanding from the Maremma to the gates of the Rome, once subjected to the Vulci dominion. A legend tells of the oil introduction by the god Hercules in Africa.

Near, sulphurous thermal waters that extend over cultivated valleys, make alive the memory of a harmonious and placid present, which satisfies all the senses.

olio, raccolta, 2018, oliva, olive, oil, harvest, Tuscia, cascinone, Etruria

“Il Cascinone” extra virgin olive oil – 0,5 and 0,25L 

The 2018 trend

While in 2018 the Italian oil production has dropped approximately 40%, after dramatic climatic changes affecting the vegetative growth, “Il Cascinone” meets the quality expectations of consumers and deserves its place at the centre of our table.

Other sizes available: 750ml – 1l.


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