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Every day a good idea

The Ultimate 'Secret Sauce' for Burgers

Saffron sauce will change your mind!

A journey to your table

Short time available, ingredients at your fingertips, ready to do a unique hamburger-based recipe. This hated and loved meal was definitely appreciated during the last trip to Bavaria, when the need to continue quickly to the next destination made necessary a fast stop based on a satisfying sandwich. The medallion included both the meat and the vegetable versions. Travelling around the world always give new challenges in terms of opportunities and lifestyles that the traveller right away deals with. A delicate saffron sauce was added to the melted cheese and meat burger, and either because it was served with vegetables or because it was not particularly dressed, well the result was great. Definitely this is the best match between the high-speed society and the spirituality of some centuries-old flavours. Ah, of course to be combined with our saffron Golden Ale Il Cascinone beer.

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The saffron Golden Ale beer “Il Cascinone” available in 33 and 75 cl sizes

Trends 2019

The return home has brought new outcomes especially regarding authentic ingredients. This culinary adventure can consider superior quality products and at km zero, starting from organic bread in case with sesame seeds, and ending with genuine meat or dough suitable for vegetarian diet, such as chickpeas and potatoes, with o without eggs.

A special sandwich just for everyone.

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