Starters and Antipasto

Before the meal: the appetizers

We welcome the guests’ culinary experience with our savoury and internationally appetizers.

The science studies that the word appetizer is the same in all cultures. The appetizer is always consumed before any meal and helps stimulates the appetite, it is known as the starter. It is served hot or cold depending on the season, serving sizes are usually small portions and presented in smaller plates, designed for this purpose. The Ravièra, an elongated oval dish, is made from s/steal or ceramic platter, designed with small trays to hold different food components. Whereas cold meats and cheeses are traditionally served on rustic wooden cutting board, more authentic and also related to the geniality concept, “home cooking “. In any case when we talk of an “entry dishes” it is the way we can start a lunch or dinner.

Antipasto Italiano all over the world

We bring italian tastes all over the world

The hugely popular “Antipasto Italiano” is one of the Italian cuisine classic, because the ingredients are very similar in different regions of Italy. “Made like once a time”, it usually implies the presence of good quality cold meats (cured hams, salami and sausages). They are traditionally served on hand crafted wooden cutting boards that enhance the flavor and make them moist at the right point, along with typical regional cheeses, pickled vegetables or grilled vegetables either marinated in olive oil or vinegar and many types of olives. Today the antipasto can also contain many types of ingredients,: marinated or smoked fish, a variety of different meats and vegetables. Antipastos are assembled using the best available local ingredients.

Soups, Chowders, Consommés, Minestrones

In many countries the soups also open the meal,. In Italy differently the Soups are served after the Appetizer and can be either a vegetable, meat or fish based soups. There are so many types and generally are differently for the ingredients or their density. The Italian clear soups are accompanied with different types of pasta, rice, also toasted bread or cooked meats and called “Minestrone” and Italians always like to dazzled some fresh extra virgin olive oil.
The classic consommés can be served hot or cold. They can be seasoned with many spices or precious ingredients such as truffles and wild mushrooms. Cream soups are excellent also cold, a delicate puree with creamy consistency often a white delicate sauce like besciamella to increase also the density.

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It was once said that the soup was the man oats

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