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Wholesome & Dietary food for dietary, nutritional or religious reasons

Gluten Free

Celiac disease is one of the most common food diseases. Approximately 1% of the world population suffers from this sort of symptom and unfortunately the trend is on the rise. Many people are intolerant to gluten and the lipoprotein substance is mainly present in food products which contain wheats, rye and barley. We have dedicated particular interest to those who need to follow specific diets. We have developed a range of  Bakery Snacks and Savory Snacks all gluten free, while preserving all the taste, goodness and authenticity of the 100% Italian ingredients.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food

The phrase of these times “Wholesome food to eat,  the transparency and correct information with the globalization era have brought along positive changes. The understanding of knowing the nutritional value for each food, to understand the pros and cons of food stuff and the market is giving the opportunity to find new ingredients that only 10 years ago were impossible to source. The tendency is very current and there are many people now oriented to a healthy lifestyle and who are careful in their food choices and habits, avoiding any ingredients that originate from animal, for either ethical or dietary necessities. We are in accordance and believe in this freedom of choose, whether it’s for physical or moral reasons, we have developed a delicious range of  Pizza Snacks and Savory Snacks for both vegan and vegetarians. Try also our vegan Olive Oli Dressings, fabulous to dress up any vegetarian diet.

Respecting all Religious beliefs Food

It is necessary to carefully select food ingredients, specific preparation and procedures determined by various religious principles. Paying attention to the food ingredients utilized and respecting various religious dictates, in accordance with their principles, we are able to propose various Hot Snacks and Savory Snacks. The production facilities have all the necessary certifications and the suppliers of raw materials are careful selected for the supply of ingredients that respect the religious orders.

Special Pizza snacks

Gluten-free and vegan pizzas

We manufacture gluten-free pizza and vegan topped pizza in order to satisfy the need of every guests and every passenger.

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Italy – Napoli – Salerno


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Real Italian Cusine – Pane & Olio

The healthy alternative for those who follow a well-balanced diet:

Enhanced concepts that can vary also depending on genetics, territorial, lifestyles, religious beliefs or social status.

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